Polo Kidogo was started by Brett and Chrissy Kiely in 1990. While polo is often perceived as elitist and inaccessible, Polo Kidogo aims to broaden its appeal to a greater audience, so that their passion for polo can be shared by more West Australians and visitors from overseas.

Brett Kiely

Brett was born and raised in Western Australia. He began playing polo at an early age and reached a 5 goal handicap.

Brett’s professional polo career saw him play throughout the world including, USA, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore and reach a 5 goal handicap. He is now passionate about coaching new players and breeding future champion polo ponies.

Brett is regarded very highly throughout the international polo fraternity and has also been the Polo Manager for High Goal Teams in Europe and USA.

The Polo Kidogo Team
The Polo Kidogo Team: Chloe, Brett, Kate, Chrissy and Jack

Chrissy Kiely

Chrissy comes from Kenya and was first introduced to polo in England where she was fundraising for Friends of Conservation. She is now an integral part of the management of Polo Kidogo and Serpentine Polo Club.

Brett and Chrissy have three children who are all very involved in and enthusiastic about the sport.

Chloe Allen

Chloe and her husband Scott are now based at Polo Kidogo where Scott runs his horse breaking and training business. Chloe manages the day to day running of Polo Kidogo and they have a baby daughter called Lily.

Kate Kiely

Kate is a passionate horse woman and Equine Veterinarian and she is now back in Western Australia and working at Murray Vets in Coolup.

Jack Kiely

Jack is a 4 goal professional player who travels between Australia, Argentina and America. We entice him back for a few weeks each year to work on our young horses.